Cazare în Delta Dunării la Pensiunea Delta Paradis - relaxare deplină prin confortul și facilitățile oferite!

Accommodation in the Danube Delta:

For tourists and fishermen, in a paradise: the Danube Delta; located between Razim Lake and Murighiol.

Terraces, pavilions and relaxation:

Available to tourists for a delightful holiday in the Danube Delta.

Modern accommodation facilities in the Danube Delta:

Pension with swimming pool, free WiFi, bar, restaurant, playroom, playground and relaxation, rooms with modern facilities.

Located between the waters on a peninsula:

Ideal for fishing and boat trips in the Danube Delta!

Available to tourists and fishermen, non-stop:

Accommodation in the Danube Delta for holidays and holidays, holidays or private events throughout the year.

What we try to offer for an unforgettable experience in the Danube Delta:

Luxury accommodation

Luxury accommodation

Accommodation in the Danube Delta

In the wilderness of nature, DELTA PARADISE Guesthouse is an excellent accommodation option in the wonderful Delta of the Danube. We respect the customers, but we also respect the corner of our nature: the guesthouse perfectly fits in the landscape, respecting the area-specific architecture, the rooms are clean, bright, heated in winter and cool in the summer with insect-proof nets air conditioning, LCD TV with satellite channels, bar and private bathroom, there are no problems with hot water and heating. For your convenience, please let the administration know of any problems encountered or any culinary preferences.
All inclusive services

All inclusive services

Relaxation and comfort

We try to make sure that you do not miss anything you want during your stay in the Danube Delta. We have pool, play and relaxation for children and adults, restaurant, bar, souvenir shop and consumer goods at your disposal until late at night. In addition, there are vending machines for coffee, water and sweets on the hotel's lobby and minihotel. You can fish on the channels in the enclosure both on the shore and on the boat, with our own tools or ours. For any other requests, our staff is at your disposal, trying to satisfy your wishes favorably.
Dream tours

Dream tours

Private trips to the Danube Delta

We organize trips to the Danube Delta on waterways, speedboats and skilled sailors in groups of 4, 8 or 12 people, visiting local tourist attractions and area attractions - fabulous landscapes, bird colonies, abundant vegetation, vestiges historical - in the vicinity of the Delta Paradise Pension, located on the bank of the Dunavat Channel, until the Danube is spilled into the Black Sea. Warning - Wearing life jackets is not optional but mandatory for your comfort and safety! To avoid any inconvenience, follow the exact instructions of the supreme authority on the boat: this driver.
Offer for fishermen

Offer for fishermen

Pike fishing

Featuring 1505 ha of lush water, the Delta Paradise Pension is an excellent option for sport fishing. It is possible to fish from the shore, from your own boat or made available by us, along with barges, good fishermen and fishermen in the area. It is fished under catch and release regime, the ecosystem and the fish population are not affected. The pike catches made in these places brought us the reputation of "queen of the pike" and made us known in the communities of fishing foams.
In addition, we are organizing the Delta Paradise Cup, the tournament of those who fish the dragon of water, pike!

Details of car access and boat transfer to Delta Paradise Boarding House

Delta Paradise Guesthouse in the Danube Delta is located on Dunavat 1 Channel, about 15 minutes away from Lake Razim. Delta Paradise Guesthouse can only be accessed by water. The Delta Paradise boarding-house and parking are located between the localities SARINASUF and PLOPUL. On the road there is an indicator to the pier. From road to jetty (parking), there are about 4 km on a road that can be driven with the utmost confidence, without problems for cars. The access to the town of Plopul can be made from Tulcea through DJ 222C, the localities:
  • Malcoci, Nufăru, Băltenii de Sus, Beștepe, Mahmudia, Murighiol, Plopul;

  • Agighiol, Valea Nucarilor, Colina, Sarinasuf, Plopul.

The road on both road variants is asphalted, running unrestrictedly for the road to work, the duration of the car route being about 40 minutes.

The length of the boat transfer from the Plopul jetty to the boarding house is about 15 minutes.

Dunavăţ pier can be accessed from Tulcea by DJ 222C, the localities: Malcoci, Nufăru, Băltenii de Sus, Beştepe, Mahmudia, Murighiol and Dunavăţu de Sus. The journey time is about 50 minutes. The length of boat transfer from the jetty to the pension is also about 50 minutes.